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Time has witnessed the growth of World Group. After more than twenty years of twists and turns, reforms and innovation, World has come through the hardship and stepped on the road of hope and development. While facing the new century, new economy and new challenges, World still has a long way to go. The development and achievements of World owes to the joint efforts of the staff, however, there is still obvious gap in overall strength compared with world-class enterprises.

The globalization of economy brings us opportunities and challenges at the same time. The future competition mainly comes from international competition rules and commercial criterions. Only those outstanding enterprises can survive in the fierce competition. Therefore, we should not addict to the past glory, instead we should, based on the prevailing success, make more efforts to change our old management thoughts and conventional rules, further explore the vigor and energy of our team, fulfill the creative abilities of our staff, continuingly surpass ourselves, generate the power of development and quickly promote the company¡¯s overall competitive strength.

Therefore, I earnestly hope that each staff can fully exert their talents and work passionately for World¡¯s future success.

President¡¯s Oration

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